Date:January 06, 2012

Container Delivery

Aspecto producto y contenido del envase. Los comprimidos de VIAGRA tienen cubierta pelicular, son de color azul, en forma de rombo, con bordes redondeados. Llevan grabado "PFIZER" en una cara y "VGR 25" en la otra. VIAGRA se presenta en blísteres conteniendo 2, 4, 8 ó 12 comprimidos.

We arrange quick delivery and pickup of your storage container when and where you need it using our custom designed Tilt & Load trailers.

We ensure proper opening and closing of both doors. If the ground is not level, please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure the container is properly leveled. We will also need to know which way to face the doors when loading the container on the trailer. We are happy to work out these details when you contact us. To arrange pickup, just call or email us and we’ll make prompt arrangements to remove the unit from your site. Contact us: