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Porta·Mini Storage provides new and used steel shipping containers and storage container solutions for sale and for rent to individuals and companies in all parts of Ontario 416-221-6660

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Onsite Storage Solution


Container Sizes

Shipping Container Dimensions & Sizes

it turns out not all containers are exactly the same size. A 20’ container it turns out isn’t a 20’ container. Also, it’s interesting that if you search for “Shipping container dimensions or Shipping
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Our Service

  • Residential Onsite Storage Solutions

    A Porta-Mini container is a great storage option for your home. Whether you're renovating or have seasonal items to store, we can help. Store your Storage Container at your place
  • Container Delivery and Pickup

    We can deliver on short notice with our tilt-n-load trailers. Containers need to be dropped on level ground to ensure proper opening and closing of both doors. If the ground is not level, please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure the container is properly leveled. We will also need to know which way to face the doors when loading the container on the trailer. We are happy to work out these details when you contact us. To arrange pickup, just call or email us and we'll make prompt arrangements to remove the unit from your site. Contact us: 416-221-6660
  • Insulated Containers / Refrigerated Containers

    Temperature controlled containers for reliable storage of food and other temperature sensitive goods. Can be powered by 3 phase electricity or Generator. Call to ask about set up and ongoing maintenance. For information on pricing and availability of new and used refrigerated containers for rent, contact Portamini container rental department at (416) 221-6660 or request a container rental quote.